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Don't YOU Deserve The Best?

If you want to find a top-quality home, and would like to save time and money, you’re in the right place! Since 1989 Buyer’$ Agent-USA® has been the region’s leading exclusive buyer’s agency. We offer you what others can’t -- 100% buyer loyalty -- because we never work for any sellers. Our only goal is to help you buy the best home, in the best condition, at the best price.

We represent YOUR best interests!You’ll Find The BEST Home. With no ties to any seller, we freely search ALL available homes -- ALL Realtor® homes, plus "for sale by owner" and foreclosure homes too. We call it the MEGA-Home-Search.

. . . In The BEST Condition. We recommend only the toughest home inspectors in the business (certified by ASHI) and we use our exclusive Buyer Pro-TechTM contract forms that give you plenty of "escape clauses." If your home is not in top shape, you don’t have to buy it. It’s that simple.

. . . At The BEST Price. Since 1989 we have helped other buyers save over $3,491,610! Our proven techniques, years of experience, and 100% loyalty will help you pay the lowest price too.

All At No Extra Cost. Our brokerage fee is paid by the seller as a cost of sale, the same way that traditional agents are paid. So, our professional buyer agent services don’t have to cost you a penny.

Refuse to compromise! We refuse to compromise our 100% buyer loyalty so that you won’t have to compromise on the home you want! Refuse to compromise! If you want the best home, in the best condition, at the best price -- get the best agent -- a 100% exclusive buyer’s agent at Buyer’$ Agent-USA®.

Within our web site, you can:

Read Our Money-Saving Home Buyers Guide (This booklet has helped area home buyers save over $3,491,610)

Search 1,000’s Of Homes On Line (Search ALL Realtor® homes, plus foreclosures and "for sale by owner").

Research Schools & Communities before you buy.

Register For FREE Consumer Info Pak (up to $79 value, FREE, delivered to your door)

Learn About Buyer’$ Agent-USA

View Our Better Than Money Back Guarantee

Contact Buyer’$ Agent-USA To Help You Buy A Home

We at Buyer'$ Agent-USA are so confident in the quality of our services that we guarantee, in writing, to pay you our entire commission if we fail to do everything that we said we would do.  And, since our commission is typically paid by the seller, this is truly a better than money back guarantee.
Buyer'$ Agent-USA can help you buy a new house!
Columbia, MD
Rockville, MD
Vienna, VA
Corporate Office: 8950 Route 108, #234
Columbia, Maryland  21045

E-Mail: info@Buyers-Agents.com

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