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About Buyer’$ Agent-USA®

About Buyer’$ Agent-USA
Our People
Testimonials From Our Clients

YOU are important to us!

In fact, I started Buyer'$ Agent-USA® to help people just like you.

Back in 1988 I, too, was a home buyer. My agent's "help" almost cost me $5,000. But I was lucky. I found out in time and, being a lawyer, I forced the seller to renegotiate down to a lower price. Many others aren't so lucky.

In fact for decades the entire industry has been biased against home buyers. Traditionally all agents in all companies have worked only for sellers, never for you as the home buyer. That's why I started Buyer’$ Agent-USA®, to protect people like you when you are buying a home.

Ordinary real estate sales companies are now trying to copy our idea. But as long as they also work for sellers they have a conflict of interest in trying to represent your interests too as a buyer. They can't offer you the 100% honesty and loyalty that a true, professional Buyer's Agent can.

At Buyer'$ Agent-USA® we refuse to compromise our loyalty to you. We refuse to work under a conflict of interest. That's why we only work with and for home buyers. That's the only way we (or anyone) can focus solely on what's best for you.

I hope you find this Guide informative. If there is anything more my company can do for you please let me know. You really are important to us!

John F. Toner

President, Buyer'$ Agent-USA® Inc.

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Our People

At Buyer’$ Agent-USA® everyone works 100% exclusively for home buyers.

John Toner

John is the owner and founder of Buyer’$ Agent-USA®. He has over 12 years of experience as an exclusive buyer’s agent, and is a licensed attorney and real estate broker. John is also an expert on real estate contracts and the law of agency, and has testified numerous times before the Maryland legislature. He lives in Columbia, Maryland with his wife (Angela) and their six children. John has represented Maryland home buyers in eight different counties, but specializes in the Howard County area. Hobbies include: coaching little league baseball, guitar (slow blues -- really slow), and leading the teen ministry at Oak Ridge Community Church.
Contact: Phone 1.800.334.2893 (extension 3)
Cell phone 301.922.2007
Email John@buyers-agents.com.

Wyntre Denne

Wyntre (pronounced "Winter") lives in Columbia, Maryland with her husband, Marc, and three daughters. Wyntre Specializes in Howard County and also works in Baltimore and Carroll counties. She has over six years experience as an exclusive buyer’s agent and has an extremely high satisfaction rating by her past clients.
Contact: Phone 1.800.334.2893 (extension 4)
Cell phone 301.802.2791
Email Wyntre@buyers-agents.com.

Janice Barton

Janice is our "Queen of Montgomery County," where she has lived all her life. She has over six years of real estate experience and knows Montgomery County like the back of her hand. Her motto, "Whatever It Takes" explains her aggressive work ethic to do, well, what-ever-it-takes to get her clients the best home, in the best condition, at the best price.
Contact: Phone 1.877.762.2300 (toll free)
Cell phone 301.758.4201
Email Janice@buyers-agents.com.

Terri Donaldson

Terri lives in Ellicott City, Maryland along with husband David and two children. Terri specializes in Howard County, but also represents homebuyers in southern Carroll and Baltimore counties. Terri is a committed mom and active in her church, Grace Community Church. She limits her active client list to insure that she can provide the best service possible to only a few clients at a time.
Contact: Phone 1.800.334.2893 (extension 5)
Email Terri@buyers-agents.com.

Angela Toner

Angela is the wife of company owner, John Toner, and mother of their six children. Angela is the office bookkeeper, and is also a licensed agent and will show homes in a pinch almost anywhere (but usually in Howard county).
Contact: Phone 1.800.334.2893 (extension 3)
Email Angela@buyers-agents.com.

Amy Madeoy

Amy lives in Bowie, Maryland and specializes in Prince Georges County, Anne Arundel County, and Charles County. She has over three years of real estate experience, and joined Buyer’$ Agent-USA® in 2001 because she likes the high business ethics of representing buyer clients 100%.
Contact: Phone 1.800.334.2893 (extension 7)
Cell phone 301.792.6733
Email Amy@buyers-agents.com.

Angela Sebek

Angela Sebek is the company’s Client Service Coordinator. She oversees client services of the different agents. (Basically, when agents drop the ball, Angela picks up the pieces -- usually without clients even realizing that an agent dropped the ball. For this reason, Angela is one of the most loved people in our company!). Angela is active in the teen ministry of Oak Ridge Community Church in Columbia.
Contact: Phone 1.800.334.2893 (extension 8)
Email AngelaS@buyers-agents.com.

Anna Toner

Anna is our first Intern! She is a part time Client Service Coordinator, and is in charge of updating clients by email with new home listings, scheduling home viewings for clients, and providing "back up" to Angela Sebek. Anna enjoys singing and drama at school, playing piano, and bossing around her five younger siblings (in a friendly kind of way).
Contact: Phone 1.800.334.2893 (extension 8)
Email Anna@buyers-agents.com.

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Testimonials from Our Clients

Don't just take our word for it -- listen to what our clients say about Buyer’$ Agent-USA®Even more, you have our No Risk, Better Than Money Back Guarantee.

"Buyer'$ Agent-USA helped us save over $12,174 on a FSBO"
We had tried using traditional realtors and didn't like it.  Agents seemed to push their company's listings and we felt that there were homes they weren't showing us.  We wanted an agent on our side and found John Toner of Buyer'$ Agent-USA.

John interviewed us carefully to determine our needs and price range.  He then made sure that we saw ALL available homes, both those listed with other realtors and homes for-sale-by- owner.  We fell in love with a for-sale-by owner home, but didn't think we could afford it.

Working on our behalf, John was able to get the seller to drop his price $7,000.  John also got the seller to pay the maximum allowable amount of our closing costs.  He helped us find a loan with no discount points, too.

We are thrilled with our home and believe that Buyer'$ Agent-USA was key in helping us get it.  We could not be more pleased with Buyer'$ Agent-USA.  If you are thinking of buying a home, we highly recommend that you call them first.

Linda Fortney & Bob McMahon

"Free no-obligation interview -- practical information and honest answers"
As first time home buyers we wanted information and honest advice, not sales talk.  We called Buyer'$ Agent-USA for a free Home Buyer Consultation.  Our agent gave us confidence by reviewing and understanding exactly what we wanted in a home.  He patiently explained the steps of the buying process, financing options, and what to look out for.

After the interview we chose Buyer'$ Agent-USA to help us buy a home.  It was very important to us to get service that was solely dedicated to our interests (the buyer).  We were not hurried, directed to homes where they "represented a seller" or pushed to more expensive homes.  They were loyal, protecting us every step of the way.  We are thrilled with the home that they helped us buy -- it was beyond our expectations and within our budget!

If you are thinking of buying a home, we recommend that you call Buyer'$ Agent-USA for a no obligations Home Buyer Consultation.  They will give you helpful information, explain your options, and then leave the decisions up to you.

Bob & Connie Passman

"Stopped me from buying a home with a defective roof"
Allen was my agent from Buyer'$ Agent-USA and he helped me get a great price on a stunning town home.  But to be sure I was getting a good deal, Allen also arranged for a professional home inspection.

The seller said, no, the home had already passed an earlier inspection (arranged and paid for by the seller).  Allen insisted on bringing in our inspector.  I'm glad he did.  Our inspector found decayed FRT plywood in the roof and failed it.

As a result, Allen negotiated with the seller to pay the entire cost of replacing the roof.  Allen had the inspector recheck the roof after repairs to be sure that they were done right.

Without aggressive representation by Buyer'$ Agent-USA I could easily have bought a home with a bad roof and not even known it.  I urge you to call them if you are thinking of buying a home.

Diane Dombeck

"We wouldn't feel safe buying with anyone else"
Buyer'$ Agent-USA helped us find a nice home at a great price.  Then came the professional home inspection.  Their inspector was thorough, and his thoroughness paid off.  He found that the furnace was leaking gasses into the home, and he found a flawed electric outlet that had literally burned up.  Both items were major fire hazards.

Armed with this information, Buyer'$ Agent-USA negotiated over $3,000 worth of repairs to the home, including a brand new gas furnace and the rewiring of all electric outlets in the home.

We later learned that the gas company had inspected the furnace a week earlier (the seller had smelled gas) and the gas company found nothing wrong.  Our inspector was more thorough than the gas company itself!

We wouldn't feel safe buying with anyone else offering less protection and we urge you to call Buyer'$ Agent-USA.

Jim & Debbie Devin

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Our Bottom Line: Buyer'$ Agent-USA pledges to use our expertise and best judgment to advise, protect and assist our clients in their real estate transactions.

No excuses.  No hedging our bets.  We stand by our pledge to you.

We are so confident in the quality of our services that we guarantee, in writing, to pay you our entire commission if we fail to do everything that we said we would do.  And, since our commission is typically paid by the seller, this is truly a better than money back guarantee.
Call Buyer'$ Agent-USA when you first consider buying a house in Maryland.  Whether it's your first real estate transaction or your twenty-first, you win when you have a true buyer's agent like  Buyer'$ Agent-USA representing your interests.  Call today for your free no-obligation interview!
Columbia, MD
Rockville, MD
Vienna, VA
Corporate Office: 8950 Route 108, #234
Columbia, Maryland  21045

E-Mail: info@Buyers-Agents.com

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